French Florist

I interviewed the highly acclaimed owner of the French Florist, Steve Jacobson, to get you the latest trends in floral arrangements for events large and small. Steve also shared some advice on what to look for when choosing a florist and some helpful tips to keep the process stress free through your event day.  Steve comes to us with over 28 years of personal experience in the floral business here in the heart of Los Angeles.

“Simplicity and elegance is the new trend,” according to Steve. “Less variety in color and less variety in flowers” makes a memorable affair. “Some popular flowers we currently use to decorate tables and halls are orchids, hydrangeas, cymbidium and other varieties of orchids.”


Daphna: Steve, How familiar are you with Jewish events here in LA?


Steve: Very familiar, our designers have worked on many Jewish events here in LA.  Our designers have created beautiful arrangements for all different types of Jewish events, from Bris and Simchat Bat parties to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, corporate events, weddings, and everything in between.


Daphna: How far in advance should someone book their florist and what information should they bring to their meeting?


Steve: Your florist should be booked 6 months before your event. If the event is a wedding, make sure the bridesmaids dresses have been picked before the florist so the colors will match. Come to the meeting prepared with the colors you have in mind for table linens. Know the colors of the walls in the room of your venue and as much information as you can about the theme and color scheme of your event. It is important to book your venue prior to selecting a florist, as the room décor and size will affect the colors and numbers of the floral arrangements. The ideal situation would be for the florist to meet you at the venue and have an ideal budget in mind.


Daphna: What was the worst experience you have had in business in the 28 years you have been here?


Steve: There was one year that we overbooked our Valentines Day deliveries. We wanted to make everyone happy and in the end we couldn’t deliver on time. We learned one of the most important lessons that we carry through to every event we book, we just don’t take on more than we can handle because we do not want to disappoint our recipients. That being said, when you are interviewing a florist for your event go with your gut feeling and intuition, make sure you feel confident that the florist you select will deliver what they promise. I encourage you to read reviews on your florists that you want to hire. Make sure they have a good reputation.


Daphna: What should I look for when making my decision to move forward with a florist?


Steve: Definitely make sure the florist is busy. If they are not a busy florist and they don’t have a lot of people working there it should raise a red flag. Check out their company website, look at there shop and read reviews. In the end your decision will be based on a gut feeling. If you have a great intuition that the florist is capable of doing what they say they can do, it will probably work out.


Daphna: Is there a standard place in the venue people generally place their floral arrangements?


Steve: It really depends on the venue, budget and event. If there is a hall entrance, flowers really enhance the beauty of the venue when guests walk in. Typically floral arrangements are used as table centerpieces, on buffet tables or dessert tables, as accent sconces and in restrooms.


I selected Steve Jacobson and French Florist to be my first pick in Daphna’s Picks because I personally experienced the incredible customer service his floral shop has become known for. Every beautiful arrangement his designers have made for me over the last 4 years since I have lived here have been exceptional and breathtaking. You can watch the designers work swiftly in the large open shop, arranging colors and flowers and somehow making them all come together in one complete bouquet. They take great care and pride in their work and it shows.


French Florist has earned many accolades and has been listed as

“Best of The Knot Florist 2015”

“Best Florist in LA by LA Weekly 2014”

"Top 100 Florist in the World "out of 40,000 FTD florists 3 years in a row for the last 3 years


When asked about his business, Steve boasts with pride, “ We are experts. We are great at what we do, and we do it exceptionally well.”


Fun fact Steve shared: Ecuador is where the best roses in the world come from. I didn’t know that. Did you?


If you have any questions for Steve or would like to learn more about his shop you can check out his website at or call (310) 659‑7700.  French Florist is open from 8am-7pm and is located at :

8658 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

You should know that earning a spot in Daphna’s Picks is not easy. This is an unbiased review and I cannot and will not be paid or bribed to write about any company. If you have experience with an exceptional company and would like to nominate them to be highlighted under Daphna’s Picks, please send me your story.